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British Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship Fort Victoria (A387), under the command of Captain Rob Dorey, boarded, cleared and destroyed a suspected pirate vessel. Fort Victoria is currently deployed as part of a special counter-piracy operation with HMS Northumberland (F238) in the Somali Basin with Combined Maritime Forces’ (CMF) mission based counter-piracy task force, Combined Task Force (CTF) 151. Whilst conducting routine patrols off the Somali coast an embarked 820 Squadron Merlin helicopter identified a suspicious whaler towing a skiff. The whaler contained a significant amount of fuel barrels and when approached by the helicopter, four of the nine passengers tried to hide themselves from view. Suspecting that they may have found a Pirate Action Group (PAG), Fort Victoria was granted approval to conduct a boarding by the CTF 151 Commander, Rear Admiral Sinan Ertugrul, Turkish Navy. Royal Marines from the Fleet Protection Group (FPGRM), provide the boarding teams to Fort…

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