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SHADE Conference 2020

CMF and EU NAVFOR are inviting nations, international organisations and members of the shipping industry to the 47th SHADE Conference, 3-4 November 2020.

What is SHADE?

The Shared Awareness and De-confliction (SHADE) Conference is a forum which brings together nations, international organisations and members of the shipping industry who share a common interest in combating piracy and broader maritime security issues.

Each year, the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and EU Naval Forces (EU NAVFOR) co-chair the conference which includes working groups, as well as expert guest speakers.

This year will be the 47th SHADE Conference, and will be a hybrid event, hosted physically from the CMF Headquarters in Bahrain, and also virtually, via a video link.

You will find all the latest news and photos for the event below. Alternatively, find out more about the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF)

Who will attend?

The event is open to all members of the shipping industry, nations, and internal organisations who have a shared interest in countering piracy and maintaining maritime security in the region.

How do I join?

All delegates wishing the attend the 47th SHADE Conference are requested to register to gain access to the SHADE website. In order to gain access, please contact: CJ3WEBADMINISTRATOR@MSCHOA.ORG.

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2020 SHADE Conference

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