Combined Maritime Forces (CMF)

A 33-nation naval partnership

Royal Jordanian Navy assumes Command of CTF 152 from Kuwait Coast Guard

On 29th August, the Royal Jordanian Navy took over command of CTF 152 from the Kuwait Coast guard in a short ceremony at the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Headquarters in Bahrain.

During the ceremony, command of CTF 152 was passed from Captain Mubarak Al Sabah, of the Kuwait Coast Guard, to Captain Adel Mohmmad Issa Maani, of the Royal Jordanian Navy. The event was presided over by Vice Admiral James Malloy, Commander CMF, of the United States Navy.

CTF 152 operates within the Arabian Gulf, a complex but globally strategic region of the world. This was the second time the Kuwait Coast Guard have held this position, and this marked the end of a very successful period of operations for the CTF. CTF 152 coordinates Maritime Security Operations in the Gulf, facilitating cooperation and partnerships between regional maritime forces through training, conferences and the management of CMF assets at sea. These activities and operations seek to deter terrorist and other groups who seek to undermine maritime security or who conduct other unlawful activities in the region.

In his speech, Captain Al Sabah said: “The continuation of the Joint Patrol operations since May has demonstrated collective will, shining a new spotlight on the importance of CTF 152 to both regional and international actors

“My staff should be as proud as I am of them. They have made history with the largest and most sustained Joint Patrol in the history of the Arabian Gulf”.

The Kuwait Coast Guard took command in February 2019 and under Captain Al Sabah’s leadership have conducted numerous operations, including Operation Falcon Warrior, hosted several conferences which brought together regional maritime experts, and taught eight CENTRIX courses, ensuring partner nations are able to use secure communications and share information effectively with CTF 152.

To the outgoing command, Vice Admiral Malloy said: “I thank you for your commitment to our combined force, shared goals and the future of our nations’ maritime partnership. This is not goodbye but instead ‘ila liqa’ – see you soon – as I know our paths will cross many times in the future”.

Upon taking command, Captain Adel Mohmmad Issa Maani said: “CTF 152 under Captain Mubarak’s command has achieved much success. However, there is still work to do. CTF 152 promotes the legitimate free flow of commerce and works to disrupt illicit activities by non-state actors. One challenge I look forward to is building on the successes of my predecessor in enhancing regional relationships and continuing the free flow of trade”.

CMF is a multinational naval partnership which works with regional partners to ensure maritime security and stability. This partnership consists of three task forces, CTFs 150, 151 and 152; all of which deal with a range of threats from non-state actors such as piracy and the smuggling of illicit materials.

3 x COs

Captain Mubarak Al Sabah, Vice Admiral James Malloy and Captain Adel Mohmmad Issa Maani salute the national anthems of Kuwait and Jordan

3 x COs #2

Captain Mubarak Al Sabah officially hands over command to Captain Adel Mohammad Issa Maani

Cake cutting

Vice Admiral James Malloy cuts the cake with both CTF 152 commanders and distinguished guests

CTF 152

Incoming command teams for Combined Task Force 152

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