Ship familiarisation

Ship familiarisation
Over the past couple of days (13/3/2011 & 14/3/2011) HMS Iron Duke hosted a number of Kuwaiti officers from Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Land Forces and Air Force. Fifty five officers were taken to sea for the day on both the 13th and 14th March 2011. The Kuwaiti officers were given guided tours around the ship and shown the key important areas from the operations room to where HMS Iron Dukes Ship’s Company sleep. The officers were also shown a number of different exercises such as a boarding exercise by the Royal Marines. First Aid exercise and a Fire fighting exercise. These were just a couple of exercises the Kuwaiti officers were shown. All in all the officers were keen and enthusiastic to learn about how the Royal Navy operates one of its Type 23 Frigates.

Overview of what HMS Iron Duke is deployed for:

HMS Iron Duke is deployed East of Suez, where she is helping provide security at sea, working with members of the Gulf Cooperation Council and other coalition Navies in the region, primarily conducting maritime security operations. Her work includes counter-terrorism, -piracy and -slavery in the Gulf of Aden, the protection of Iraq’s oil platforms, exercises and operations with regional naval forces, and wider regional engagement to promote and support the UK’s interests in the area. She is due to return to the in late July.

Images by LA(Phot) James Crawford
HMS Iron Duke