Commodore Muhammad Hisham Pakistan Navy, Commander Combined Task Force 151 (CCTF 151) met on 3 Feb 13 with Colonel Abdourahman Aden Cher Commander Djibouti Navy, in Djibouti after transfering from CTF-151 Flag ship, USS FARRAGUT. The meeting exemplifies CMF’s desire to enhance regional cooperation.

During the meeting, Colonel Cher re-confirmed the Djiboutian Navy’s contribution to maritime security through the continued cooperation with the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). The Commander of the Djibouti Navy commented on the significant contribution that counter-piracy forces are making to the safety and security of the region.

Commodore Hisham, thanked Colonel Cher for the Djiboutian Navy’s participation in CMF Focused Operations and encouraged continued participation. He stressed the value of having embarked Djiboutian sailors onboard ships acting as linguists during Focused Operations.

During the visit to Djibouti, Commodore Hisham also met the Djibouti Coast Guard Commander Lieutenant Colonel Wais o. Bogoreh. The Djibouti Coast Guard is eager to participate in Focused Operations and receive training from CMF and Lieutenant Colonel Bogoreh expressed the Djibouti Coast Guard’s resolve to improve cooperation with CMF forces. Both the Commanders emphasized the importance of enhancing cooperation between the Djibouti Coast Guard and CMF.