L’Adroit is a Gowind class Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) specially designed by DCNS a major French ship building company for maritime protection missions. It has a wide range of capabilities deployed throughout, consisting of prevention and action assets optimized for maritime surveillance and policing duties, including fast commando boats, assault or transport helicopter, unmanned surveillance vehicles, electronic warfare intercept systems, shell doors, secure high-bitrate communication facilities and command aids.

FS L’Adroit joins CMF February 2013 as part of the French contribution to CMF

Placed at the disposal of the French Navy by DCNS for a period of three years, L’Adroit sailed from its home base on France’s Mediterranean coast in May 2012 to conduct its first fishery policing and maritime security mission, including deployment for operation Thon Rouge, which involved monitoring fishing vessels for Red Tuna quotas.

The 360° panoramic bridge and the integrated mast give the L’Adroit’s crew reliable information acquisition resources. The minimal superstructure of the ship leaves a substantial space available for air operations (helicopters, UAVs) and for launch and recovery of surface assets (RHIBs or USVs).The L’Adroit’s missions are managed by the POLARIS combat system, which supplies essential detailed information on the ship’s environment, acquired by various detectors, deployed sensors and other ships integrated into the surveillance network. The mission system can also include MATRICS a maritime surveillance system capable of detecting suspicious course profiles automatically.

From January 2013 to July 2013, L’Adroit will be involved in an operational deployment in the Indian Ocean to fight against piracy and maritime terrorism. Thus she will be part of Combined Task Force (CTF) 150.

Captain Jean de Muizon French Navy, Combined Maritime Forces, Director Plans said: “The arrival of FS L’Adroit demonstrates the ongoing commitment to Combined Maritime Forces by the French Navy.” He continued “The English translation of her name is ‘the skilful’ and during her time in the region we expect the crew and equipment to be tested fully in our pursuit to deter and, prevent illegal activity and therefore, live up to her name L’Adroit.”


  •             Length: 87m;
  •             Beam: 13m;
  •             Displacement: 1500t;
  •             Range at cruising speed: 8000 nm;
  •             Endurance at sea: 3 weeks;
  •             Maximal speed: 21kts;
  •             Weapons:
  •             1 small calibre gun (20mm);
  •             Machine guns;
  •             Air and surface radar;
  •             Telecommunication systems:
  •             UHF – VHF;
  •             Satellite antenna;
  •             RIBS: 2 launching systems on the aft.