The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Headquarters hosted the Task Force Commanders Conference at its headquarters in Bahrain recently. The purpose of the conference was to bring together past, present and future Task Force Commanders to enable an exchange of views and a sharing of experience to help guide future Commands.

Commanders Conference
CMF Commanders Conference hosted by Vice Admiral John Miller USN at NAVCENT Bahrain

The morning focused on Command Task Force 152, the command structure that ensures security and stability in the Gulf with particular emphasis on how to deepen involvement and improve interoperability and capability.

Commodore Simon Ancona Royal Navy, Deputy Commander Combined Maritime Forces (DCCMF) said:

“Our role in securing maritime stability in the region is very important and whatever we can do to work together is paramount. CTF 152 is working with the full co-operation of regional nations who clearly see common interests and collective, layered defence being served through their support.”

During the afternoon open discussions took place on the development of Maritime Security Operations (MSO) across the 3 principal task forces that make up CMF: CTF-150 (maritime security and counter-terrorism), CTF-151 (counter-piracy) and CTF-152 (Arabian Gulf security and co-operation).

Commodore Ancona said:

“CMF needs to adapt to remain relevant in a changing environment, however changes to CTF missions or otherwise cannot be done in isolation. We need to take into account how NATO and EU will adapt their missions in the region and also to meet the aims and aspirations of our member nations.”

The Task Force Commanders Conference took place the day after the Force Generation Conference which focused on the generation of personnel, ships and aircraft to sustain Combined Task Force (CTF) missions up to 2014.