The Battle Staff of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Combined Task Force 152 (CTF152) recently assembled a group of nations for its second Falcon Warrior Exercise this year, with the aim to deliver world class vessel-boarding training to regional partners.

Participants from several regional countries along with US Navy and US Coast Guard assembled at sea to conduct the exercise under the guiding influence of the core Battle Staff who are based in Bahrain.

The Falcon Warrior Team assemble for a team photo after a busy few days of training. From the left the CTF 152 instructors lead by Lt Cdr Beard (far left) in the center the students and on the right the actors supplied by the USN


The exercise included all aspects of boarding training including information and intelligence gathering and sharing.  The exercise focussed on the successful identification of a suspected vessel and establishing the rights to board in accordance with international law. The boarding teams were then instructed on the correct techniques of search, approach

Cdr Brabham USN, Chief of Staff CTF152 said:

“The boarding exercises are seen as one of the key benefits of being a contributor to CTF 152 with its ability to access the multinational network of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capability and Exercise Falcon Warrior focuses on improving the organic boarding capability of each country. Through the delivery of this training package we will provide a robust structure for building multi-national maritime security and ensure the freedom of maritime trade in the region.”

The lead planner for the exercise, Lt Cdr Stephen Beard RN, said:

“CTF 152 works hard to deliver training on an enduring basis and we are already well into the planning phase of our next training event in early 2013. The more countries that participate in these type of exercises, the greater the contribution to maritime security throughout the Arabian Gulf.”