A comprehensive counter-piracy operation combining Yemeni and Turkish forces has successfully concluded off the island of Socotra, resulting in vital piracy information gathering.

Three Socotra-based Yemeni Forces personnel operated alongside Turkish Navy personnel in Combined Task Force 151’s (CTF 151) Flagship TCG Gemlik, utilizing their embedded S70-B helicopter for three days collecting data on pirate patterns of life.

Socotra Island Navy Commander Captain Ali Selmin listens to briefing on counter-piracy from members TCG Gemlik boarding team

Commander Combined Task Force 151 (CCTF-151) Rear Admiral (RDML) Oğuz Karaman said this was a prime example of working closely with regional nations on a problem that affects so many legitimate fishermen.

“The Yemeni personnel share our eagerness to hone skills for collecting data and have allowed us to tap into the useful resource of their local knowledge of the maritime area around Socotra.

“Collaborating with a regional nation like Yemen on counter piracy is exactly the type of coordinated approach required for understanding the habits of pirates, learning about their methods and ultimately deterring them from the maritime environment,” RDML Karaman said.

“I am impressed with the commitment demonstrated by the Yemeni personnel to coalition forces’ counter piracy efforts.  It is a good example of the maritime community working together at the tactical level for a common purpose.”

The ship’s company of Gemlik have been assigned to CTF 151 since June 2012 and have integrated with many other nations as part of this mission, including multinational CTF 151 staff embedded on board and through visits to the regional nations of Oman and Yemen.