Yemeni Forces have been commended for their continued commitment to counter piracy by the Commander Combined Task Force 151 (CCTF-151) Rear Admiral (RDML) Oguz Karaman following his visit to Yemen.

RDML Karaman of the Turkish Navy, said the chance to meet the Chief of General Staff Major General Ahmed Ali Al-Ashwal in Sana’a was a key opportunity to discuss the ongoing threat of piracy and the need for coordinating efforts. He said:

The Chief of General Staff (COGS) for the Yemeni military forces, Major General Ahmed Ali Al-Ashwal presents the Commander Combined Task Force 151 Rear Admiral Oguz Karaman (left) from the Turkish Navy with a plaque during their meeting in Sana’a, Yemen. Their discussions focused on counter-piracy and ways to collaborate in the future to deter pirates in the region as part of the broader maritime community.

“It was a great honor for me to meet Major General Al-Ashwal and spend time discussing how the maritime community can work together to have the greatest impact on deterring pirates.”

“We agreed that the piracy problem begins in Somalia. However there is growing evidence that piracy threatens fisherman in the islands off their coast and are venturing into the cities.  Collaboration is the key to moving towards a solution.

In his first visit to Yemen, RDML Karaman was accompanied by other members of the CTF 151 staff as well as the Turkish Ambassador to Yemen His Excellency Mr Fazil Corman and said that the meeting centered on information sharing and discussions on ensuring the safety of fishing and merchant vessels.

“Yemen is one of the most significant regional nations with a vast coastline and home to local fisherman who rely on the promise of safety on the high seas for their legitimate livelihoods. Building a stronger understanding of piracy patterns of life amongst stakeholders is very necessary to mark operational decisions in our battle with these corsairs of modern times.”

“Our discussion confirmed the importance of our work out here in sharing information. This understanding will enable us to have a common heuristic file, allowing all concerned parties to evaluate and analyze any and all maritime piracy situations.

“Collecting information on pirates is just some of the great work being done by the Yemeni Navy and Yemeni Coast Guard in the maritime environment and we welcome their continued involvement.”

RDML Karaman is the third Turkish Navy rotational Commander CTF 151 with the staff embarked in the flagship TCG Gemlik under Command by Commander Serkan Saral until mid-December.