On August 22, Commander Jason Boyd, Commanding Officer of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Regina reported to Commodore Mukhtar Khan, Pakistan Navy, then Commander of Combined Task Force 150, that HMCS Regina had arrived into the area of operations and was ready to assume her duties.  This event marked the end of the Royal Canadian Navy frigate’s transit from Esquimalt, British Columbia to the Arabian Sea and the beginning of the effort for which the ship is deployed.

“The crew of HMCS Regina has been busy preparing for the last several months for this moment,” explained Commander Boyd. “Through plenty of hard work and superb support from training and maintenance facilities ashore, both the ship and all embarked personnel are ready for any challenges that this operational deployment may bring.”

HMCS Regina brings an outstanding mix of experience and innovation to the Arabian Sea. This deployment marks the third occasion that HMCS Regina has been a member of the Combined Maritime Forces in the last decade.  For many of the crew, this is not their first time serving in this area of the globe.  One of these sailors is Petty Officer Second Class Joe Dagenais, HMCS Regina’s Chief Quarter Master.  When asked what his prior deployments to this area of the world meant to him, he replied: “It is very important to have personnel onboard that have operational experience as there are going to be inevitably some unforeseen circumstances that arise. It is during these times that our senior leaders will use their expertise to guide the more junior members of the ship’s company, so that they in turn can gather the necessary skills and operational experience to become the successful leaders themselves in future operations.”

One of the new technologies that HMCS Regina brings with her on this mission is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Scan Eagle.  “The UAV brings an additional capability to HMCS Regina and enables us to observe and identify vessels in our area of operations in order to gain a fuller appreciation of the maritime activities occurring around us,” explained Captain Ian Haliburton, Commander of Regina’s UAV Detachment.

HMCS Regina is currently operating within the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean as part of Canada’s contribution to maritime security and counter-terrorism.  HMCS Regina’s deployment clearly demonstrates Canada’s solidarity with partners and allies as we continue to work together for peace and security in the maritime environment of the greater Middle East region.  The Esquimalt-based frigate is scheduled to return home in early 2013.