Combined Task Force 152 (CTF 152) has now completed its nine month command period with the Kuwait Navy and has relocated from Kuwait Naval Base to a more central Gulf location at NSA Bahrain. With this has come a realignment of staff profile to encompass a more multi-national element.

The new staff is comprised of officers from the United Arab Emirates Navy, Kuwait Navy, Kuwait Coast Guard and Bahrain Navy, complemented by personnel from the US and UK Navies. Captain Stephen Evans, US Navy, Acting Commander of CTF 152 and also Commander of CTF 55 says “CTF 152’s transition to Bahrain as a Multi-National Force marks an important shift in focus.  It commences a new phase of development in Gulf maritime security operations. The value of bringing together regional states’ naval and coast guard professionals in a single task force will be felt for years to come in the form of better communications and professional friendships.”

The change of location has engendered a renewed focus on training. Both CTF 152 staff and local surface assets will be participating in a wide and varied schedule of exercises that will challenge and develop all concerned. These exercises will be an opportunity for CTF 152 staff to train in the planning, development and execution of exercises, while providing the surface assets opportunities to enhance their skills in such areas as maritime interdiction operations, damage control, and search and rescue operations.

CTF 152’s main priority continues to be maintaining the security of the maritime environment within the Arabian Gulf and ensuring that all mariners within this area can continue to operate freely and without threat.