CTF 151 meets Chinese counterparts

CTF 151 meets Chinese counterparts

Rear Admiral Anho Chung, Commander Combined Task Force (CTF 151), recently visited CTF 113’s Chinese People’s Liberation Army (Navy) Yantai warship (FFG 538) in Salalah, Oman.

Rear Admiral Chung was invited to meet Senior Captain Dazhong Wang, Deputy Commander of CTF 113 (11th Chinese Naval Escort Task Force) and the Ship’s Commanding Officer, Captain Hua Li.  Captain Joo Young Kim, the Commanding Officer of the CTF 151 flagship Republic of Korea Navy (ROKS) Wang Geon (DDH 978) also attended the meeting.

(Left to right) Captain Hua Li, Captain Smilek, Rear Admiral Anho Chung, Senior Captain Dazhong Wang, Captain Kim

The Chinese CTF 113 conducts escort convoys to protect merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden, similar to the ROKS Wang Geon escort mission in the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC).  Independent deployed units escorting convoys through the Gulf of Aden/IRTC include the Chinese, Russians, Indians, Japanese and Malaysians. All play a key role in countering piracy.

The visit allowed Rear Admiral Chung to share some of the CTF 151 counter piracy mission objectives with the Chinese and to emphasize the importance of continued coordination between CMF and their Chinese counterparts so that both groups can benefit from a complete recognized maritime picture.  Rear Admiral Chung and Senior Captain Wang agreed that the current positive exchange of information between CTF 151 and CTF 113 allow both task forces to operate more effectively.

Following the meeting, Rear Admiral Chung was given a tour of the Yantai warship. The warm reception onboard the Yantai was greatly appreciated by the CTF 151 and ROKS Wang Geon visitors. Senior Captain Wang and Captain Li paid a return visit to the ROKS Wang Geon that afternoon. Both groups look forward to working closely together in the future.

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