Combined Task Force -150 (CTF-150) Headquarters in Bahrain recently hosted four Royal Saudi Navy Force (RSNF) officers for two weeks of Command and Control (C2) training at the invitation of Commodore Clink Royal Navy, Commander of CTF-150.  This is the first course of an enduring C2 programme aimed to maintain the cooperation between Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and RSNF through the exchange of information and experiences. 


Royal Saudi Naval Force Officers meet the staff of CTF-150 for some training (image by Lieutenant G H Turner Royal Navy - MOD / Crown Copyright)

Commander Al-Gahamdi, Lieutenants Al-Dekhyyel and Al-Areifi and Warrant Officer Al-Amri used the opportunity to familiarise themselves with CMF and CTF-150 organisations, their missions and Area of Operations, and issues currently experienced in the fight against maritime terrorism and illegal activity.  

After being welcomed by Commodore Clink, a series of briefs by CTF-150 staff followed; these included their roles within the headquarters, the compilation of a ‘real time’ maritime picture, information exchange techniques with coalition and regional navies, intelligence assessments and practical computer demonstrations.   

To reciprocate the training, the RSNF officers provided a comprehensive brief on the composition and capabilities of the RSNF, which was well received by the CTF-150 staff. Lieutenant Blakeman of CTF-150 said:  

”The presentation by our partners from Saudi Arabia was very interesting, providing an insight into the navy of a key regional country.  The RSNF remains an important contributor to peace, prosperity and stability.”

The second week focused mainly on working closely with the Battle-Watch keepers, gaining experience in coordinating and directing CTF-150 assets in theatre.  Reflecting on the training received, Lieutenant Al-Dekhyyel said:  

”We thank the Royal Navy for training us at CTF-150. The cooperation between us and the Royal Navy has always been dear and we are looking forward for more in the near future.”

 At the end of the two week package Commodore Clink said:

 ”It has been a great pleasure to work with our Royal Saudi colleagues; they have such an important role to play in the region and are a vital member of CMF.  They have brought essential local experience and, I hope in return, we have enhanced their operational awareness.”

CTF-150’s mission is to deter, disrupt and defeat attempts by international terrorist organisations to use the maritime environment as a venue for attack.