Maj Gen Mukala and CDRE Clink at the visit (Crown Copyright)

The head of the Kenyan Navy (KN), Major General Ngewa Mukala recently had an opportunity to showcase the ability of his forces to an old classmate from the Royal Navy.

Commodore John Clink, Royal Navy, was visiting Kenya and Tanzania in his role as the new Commander of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150).  He and Major General Mukala were young officer cadets together at the famous Britannia Royal Navy College in Dartmouth, England in 1984.

During a productive meeting, the two friends discussed the success of a recent exercise involving the UK warship HMS Monmouth and the two Kenyan patrol ships KNS Nyayo and KNS Umoja off the coast of Somalia.  They also explored the possibility of further interaction between the Kenyan Navy and Combined Maritime Forces, which controls three different Task Forces in the region, dealing with counter terrorism, counter piracy and maritime security operations. 

Whilst in Nairobi, Commodore Clink also had the opportunity to meet the Director of Military Intelligence, Major General Philip Kameru.  Both officers discussed the importance of closer co-operation to work together in the fight against maritime crime, terrorism and piracy. 


Maj Gen Kameru and Cdre Clink exchange gifts. (Crown Copyright)

Commodore Clink said:


“This was my first visit to Kenya, and I was struck by the professionalism and dedication of their senior officers, as well as their commitment to safeguarding the seas around Kenya.”

“I was thrilled to see my old classmate, Major General Mukala.  We shared some stories about what we have both been up to in the 27 years since we last saw one another, and he took great pleasure in showing me how well trained and capable the Kenyan Navy is and how successful it has been in protecting Kenya’s maritime borders.”