DEPUTY Commander of the Kenyan Navy, Brigadier John Waweru had an unexpected reunion with a former colleague from the Royal Navy whom he last saw 27 years ago. Brigadier Waweru was reunited with Commodore John Clink, Royal Navy, when he travelled to Bahrain to attend Combined Task Force (CTF) 150’s Change of Command ceremony. This major ceremonial event was held July 31 2011 during which Commodore Clink was installed as the new commander of CTF-150.

Commodore John Clink and Brigadier John Waweru reunited at the ceremony (US Navy photo – Mass Communications Specialist L Hunsaker)

 The two senior naval officers last saw one another when they were young officer cadets in the same training class at the United Kingdom’s prestigious Britannia Royal Naval College.

Commodore Clink said: “I was delighted to see my friend Brigadier Waweru after so many years and talk about what we had been doing in our respective navies. We last saw each other in 1984 so we had plenty of catching up to do.”

During his visit, Brigadier Waweru was able to witness first hand the work of Combined Task Force 150, which directs a group of ships currently made up by the UK, Australian and Pakistani navies.

The primary role of Combined Task Force 150 is to conduct anti-terrorist, anti-drug smuggling and maritime security patrols in an area which covers nearly 2 million square miles of ocean. It is part of the wider Combined Maritime Forces mission, a 25-nation coalition based in Bahrain that tackles piracy, drug and weapons smuggling, humanitarian aid and other maritime security tasks.

Both Brigadier Wayweru and Commodore Clink expressed interest exploring the possible future involvement in some form by the Kenyan Navy. Commodore Clink said: “I look forward to further co-operation between Combined Task Force 150 and the Kenyan Navy which, I know from past experience is a capable, proud and professional navy.”